Jiro Yasuda

Department of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Professor
Special field
Research themes
1)Analyses of replication mechanisms of highly pathogenic viruses
2)Development of novel antiviral strategies
3)Development of detection methods for highly pathogenic viruses
4)Epidemiological studies and analyses of pathogenicity of highly pathogenic viruses
5)Studies on endogenous retroviruses

Research is very interesting and exciting, since we can change "unknown" to "known" by our research achievements.

Recommended books

Fields Virology, 5th Edition, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins



personal history

1985.4-1991.3 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan. Awarded the degree of BSc in veterinary medicine. Licence of D.V.M
1991.4-1994.3 School of Life Science, Graduate University for Advanced Studies (National Institute of Genetics, Japan), Japan. Awarded the degree of Ph.D. in molecular genetics.
1994.4-1996.3 Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Microbiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.
1996.4-2000.3 Assistant Professor at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Japan.
2000.4-2004.9 Associate Professor at the Institute for Genetic Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan.
2004.10-2010.12 Chief at the First Department of Forensic Science, National Research Institute of Police Science, National Police Agency, Japan.
2008.8-2009.4 Visiting Staff Scientist, Novel and Dangerous Pathogens (NaDP), Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPR), HPA, Porton Down, UK.
2010.12-present Professor at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, Japan.


1. Kurosaki, Y., Grolla, A., Fukuma, A., Feldmann, H., and *Yasuda, J.: Development and evaluation of the simple diagnostic assay for Marburgvirus using reverse transcription-loop-mediated isothermal amplification method. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 48, 2330-2336, 2010.

2. Sakuma, T., Noda, T., Urata, S., Kawaoka, Y., and *Yasuda, J.: Inhibition of Lassa and Marburg virus production by Tetherin. Journal of Virology, 83, 2382-2385, 2009.

3. Urata, S., Noda, T., Kawaoka, Y., Morikawa, S., Yokosawa, H., and *Yasuda, J.: Interaction of Tsg101 with Marburg virus VP40 depends on the PPPY motif, but not the PT/SAP motif as in the case of Ebola virus, and Tsg101 plays a critical role in the budding of Marburg virus-like particles induced by VP40, NP, and GP. Journal of Virology, 81, 4895-4899, 2007.

4. Yasuda, J., Hunter, E., Nakao, M., and Shida, H.: Functional involvement of a novel Nedd4-like ubiquitin ligase on retrovirus budding. EMBO Reports, 3, 636-640, 2002.

5. Yasuda, J., Miyao, T., Kamata, M., Aida, Y., and Iwakura, Y.: T cell apoptosis causes peripheral T cell depletion in mice transgenic for the HIV-1 vpr gene. Virology, 285, 181-192, 2001.